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Dora seemed to hesitate for a moment. The ancient goblins themselves were not creatures with magical abilities. Most of the magic they invented was borrowed from the magical civilizations of other races. So, in fact, we can probably guess some of them according to the rules of magic civilization of other races. But then Dora frowned and said, "What do you want with all this magic equipment?"? You are not a magician, can not recite incantations, you have no magic, low-level magic equipment, you can use, but encounter high-level magic equipment, generally need to use complex methods to drive, you can not recite incantations, and no magic, simply can not use. Shaya laughed. "Dora, Dora, sometimes you are confused." "What?!" "I can't say a spell, and I have no magic, because I haven't studied magic." Xia Ya said lightly, "But didn't you also say that the ancient goblins were also a race that could not do magic?"? They can't chant incantations, and they have no magic! So, I think.. The magic props made by goblins all have a common feature-they are specially used by people who don't know magic! Dora was silent for a moment and finally agreed with Shaya. "Well, you have a point." But how did you come up with that? "Ada!" Shaya said with a smile,stainless steel edge trim, "I remember last time in that underground cave, Ada actually pushed out a magic guide cannon.". That thing is a standard powerful magic weapon! But Ada doesn't have the slightest magical ability, so he can also trigger manipulation. He pointed to the pile of rings in front of him. "Quick, tell me, can you identify what magic these rings are?" Dora thought for a moment and said slowly, "Generally speaking, several races in the world today have different magical civilizations, but the distinction between magical attributes is basically the same.". Several major departments are distinguished according to similar standards. After hesitating for a moment,stainless steel tile edge trim, Dora continued, "For example, fire magic is usually triggered by red fire diamonds or red crystals, so generally speaking, fire magic equipment is red.". The magic of the water system is blue rhinestones, and the magic equipment of the water system is generally blue. The earth is yellow, and the wind is generally white. Uh There are other small departments, such as plant department, life department, spiritual department and so on. Ah, there is black magic, naturally I need not say more, generally black equipment, there are also some black magicians used to make props with bones, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminum tile trim, so there will be white.. "Well, so, in most cases, you can identify which magic equipment belongs to by color, is that right?" "Well, for the most part, you could say that." Shaya rubbed his hands. "That's easy." With that, he took out a blue fruit from the pile of rings and weighed it in his hand. "Well, it's blue. It should represent the water system, right?" As he spoke, he shook the ring in his hand. "How do you use it?" "Mental power, I guess." Dora said, "Although some races have no magic talent, any higher creature has spiritual power.". Magic, in fact, is largely extracted from spiritual power. "That is to say, I hold this thing in my hand and try to think about it in my mind." "Humph!"! For a fool like you, it can only be explained by such vulgar words. Dora was dismissive. Shaya was too lazy to pay attention to Dora's sarcasm, holding the ring in front of her eyes, staring at it, trying to concentrate. Sure enough, with Xia Ya's concentration, the ring suddenly had a reaction! I saw a sudden burst of light on the ring between Shaya's two fingers. Boom! The red flame burst out, and in an instant the whole head above Shaya's shoulders was enveloped in it! The light of the fire was only a moment, and then it went out. Well, this ring has been stored for many years, and there is not much magic left in it. But Shaya. A face has become as black as the bottom of a pot, a full head of hair has been burned 7788, leaving some remnants still smoking. "Ahem!" Shaya threw the ring away, and black smoke came out of her mouth and nose at the same time. She shouted, "Bastard Dora!"! You're kidding me! Didn't you say that the blue one should be the water system? Why is there a fire?! www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter three hundred and twenty [artifact!!!] Also thanks to Xia Ya's intrepid extremely, changed the ordinary person, this time I am afraid directly sent the small life. Shaya coughed up black smoke and cursed Dora. Dora seemed a little speechless. After a moment of silence, she said with a wry smile, "I'm not an ancient goblin. How could I think that they make magic equipment and don't follow the rules.." "Shit." Xia Ya wiped his face hard, although his hair burned off a lot, but with the strength of his body, it won't be long before it grows back. Since the blue one is fire. So the red one is not the fire department. Shaya picked up a ring of red fruit and held it in his hand to concentrate. …… Boom! Another red flame came out and wrapped Shaya in it in an instant. …… "Cough, cough, cough!"! Fuck Xia Ya's clothes were all burned to rags. He rolled on the ground twice before the fire was extinguished. He threw the red ring on the ground and stepped on it. He stepped on the ring directly and cursed angrily: "What are you doing?"! Blue fire! The red one is also fire! Can these ancient goblins only set fire?! Xia Ya is a little mad, and selected a few rings, one by one to try to come over, the results of frustration found that these rings, regardless of what color, red, orange,tile trim factory, yellow, green, blue and purple. It's all ***ing fire.


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