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She can not run, the heart is tired, the body is also tired, the heavy rain is still under, so that she can not see clearly ahead, but still try to go forward, she wants to leave that place, that sad place; thinking of being abandoned, but also abandoned very thoroughly, love? She suddenly felt that the word "love" was so complicated and difficult to understand! It turned out to be the wrong encounter with him! In front of her eyes, Chen Yao appeared again and again, wearing his shirt, with a little woman's shyness on her face, but with a trace of pride in her eyes, tears of pain flowed out again. She held her head in her hands and told herself over and over again not to think any more, not to cry any more, he didn't belong to him, otherwise she wouldn't have done something wrong to her in the house that belonged to them. God, why are you treating me like this? Why? I have no father and mother, why even he would choose to leave me. She did not know how far she had staggered, but squatted on the ground tired, tears and rain on her body "patter, patter" fell on the ground, she suddenly hated why she would shed so many tears because of him, but no matter how, the tears still could not stop.. Now her heart is very confused, more chaotic than yesterday, she does not know where the next step is? Suddenly she felt as if she had been pulled up. Before she could see the man's face clearly, she was held tightly in her arms. She used all her strength to push him, but she was very weak in the rain. She rubbed her temple and stumbled into his arms again. Qinger, what's the matter with you? Leng Haoyu looked at Yin Wuqing's weak appearance and shouted anxiously; When he saw her helpless squatting where the rain, hands still covered his mouth, he knew she was crying, heartache, heart has never been so painful, this moment, he forgot to breathe, see himself once again let her cry, he really felt that he should die, why let her cry again and again,ceramic bobbin heater, why he clearly said to give her happiness, but brought her to cry. But helpless, but painful! He scratched his hair, ran over and hugged her tightly, trying to tell her that he had nothing to do with her, and that he loved only her all his life! "It's you, let me go, you let me go." After hearing this, Yin Wuqing once again burst into tears and raised her little head, looking at him angrily with her eyes, weak, and her hands kept pushing his solid chest. Do not let go, I will not let go of this life, Qinger, I have nothing with her, you believe me, my heart only you ah! How can I let go?! Qinger, Qinger, wake up. Leng Haoyu looked at her angry and empty eyes, he was confused, Ceramic Bobbin ,Kamado bbq grill, did not know how to react, now he just wanted to tell her what he thought, but in the middle of what he said, she fainted, he shouted in fear. Yin Wuqing heard him say, "I will never let go in my life." She gave a wry smile and fainted weakly. You say, why are you here? Haven't you hurt my brother enough? Leng Siyan said angrily to Chen Yao, raising his hand in midair and putting it down again. Chen Yao did not answer, but Leng Leng turned around and walked to the guest room. At the thought of Leng Haoyu's fierce eyes and the haze on his face before he left, her body trembled. He waved her hand without pity, but it deeply hurt her heart. She smiled bitterly. She knew that even if she could not do anything, even if she hated, she would never be able to enter his heart. Chapter 57 a heavy explanation. Leng Haoyu hugged Yin Wuqing, who was already wet and unconscious. He felt that her whole body was burning. He was so confused that he did not know what to do? He murmured, "get wet in the rain, faint, have a fever, go to the hospital, yes, yes, go to the hospital.." "Doctor, doctor." Leng Haoyu shouted anxiously in the corridor of the hospital, he has been holding her to the hospital, his whole body is wet, but at this moment, he is unaware of the cold, just afraid, worried. Nurses and doctors heard this urgent voice, ran out, watching him holding a wet woman, hurriedly pushed out the lathe, Leng Haoyu gently put Yin Wuqing up, tightly holding her hand with the nurse to push the car into the emergency room, "Qinger, Qinger, I am waiting here, waiting for you forever.." He punned anxiously in her ear, watching her enter the emergency room, his hands clenched fists, and his knuckles gradually turned white. He sat on the chair with his hands in his arms and waited. He put on the blanket sent by the nurse, but it still couldn't warm his heart. At this moment, he hated himself for looking for the unnecessary answer, why he chose to leave her, and why he made her sad? His eyes were full of remorse and his heart was throbbing. Yin Chaoqun was supported by Ye Kexin into the hospital, Yin Chaoqun tightly holding the hands of the crutches, when he heard his granddaughter in the hospital emergency room, the whole person is trembling; anxious to let Lao Chen sent him to the hospital, at the hospital gate met Ye Kexin, see Ye Koxin a face of guilt, blame, he did not say much, just let her hold; He said silently in his heart, "Qi'er, Bai Yun, do you want to bless Qing'er?"? She is your only child. How can you have the heart to let her suffer so much? When they arrived, they just saw Leng Haoyu, Ning frowned, his face was full of pain, worry, fear, and they didn't say much, they just sat in their chairs and waited quietly. The lights in the emergency room went out, and the doctor came out,7g Ozone Generator, looking at Leng Haoyu with unknown eyes and a very unhappy tone. "Don't you know that her constitution can't stand a little cold?"? Why did you let her stay in the rain for so long? She has a high fever now. Has she been hit? Leng Haoyu took a deep breath, his open hands clenched into fists in an instant, closed his eyes and nodded.


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